THE RESIDENCE Pietrantica affittacamere a Trebiano - Lunigiana

The Story

The house has been the residence of the farmers who owned the surrounding land.
On the ground floor, from garden side, some renovations have partially modified the original aesthetics of the kitchen/living room.

In the studio the wooden beams are still visible. The stairs railway, the marble steps, the recesses, the small windows, the grit floor, are all the original ones.

The places, now converted to guestrooms, were used to dry chestnuts: the partially blackened beams are evidence of this.

The Renovation

The renovation is a celebration of Mario and Anna Lisa's endless love for this place and their wish to share it with other people, people who love nature and places that conveys emotions.

The passion of the owners for timeless materials such as stone comes from their childhood years when, in this very place, they met and started to build the story of their life together.


The residence consists of three floors.

On the ground floor, in the kitchen with rough stone corners and wooden beams, our guests will enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments.

A flight of stairs with marble steps leads to the upper floors, where the guestrooms are located.


The garden is structured on different levels, delimited by the famous Ligurian dry stone walls, small flights of stairs, glimpses of green and floreal corners. Surrounded by a countryside with vineyards, olives, fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a grove with shaded plains.

Among the most beloved outdoor spaces there is the old pergola where, during full summer, it's nice to sunbath without suffering too much heat. It's pleasant to sit in the shade of the two cypresses and a walnut and get lost in reading.

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